Kitchen, bathroom and sauna repair

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Kitchen, bathroom and sauna repair2019-01-25T15:30:25+02:00
From cosmetic repairs to overhaul.

We plan a new kitchen or change an existing plan to get the best result – it all together with our customers and their wishes, taking into account. We do demolition and finishing work. We install new kitchen furniture and appliances, tile the wall behind a workspace and do the necessary pipe and electrical work.

We install proper hydro isolation in wet rooms, having the appropriate certificates. We carry out pipe work and replace old equipment, demolish, plaster, tile and install new heating systems if needed. In cooperation with the customer, we select and install new tiles.

We will fix your sauna – we remove old wall and ceiling materials, check the vapour barrier and the condition of the insulation.  We will help you plan a new one and carry out all the work required so you can enjoy the joy of some heat end steam. However, it is also possible to order only the sauna maintenance and finishing services.